People are WaveTribe

People are WaveTribe

Without people we would not be able to to what we do, nor would we be what we are and wish to . . . be. Trevor, a.k.a Mr Livity, has been a real inspiration and knowledge base . . . break dancing with turkeys is one of his fetishes.


WaveTribe’s VP of Sales was in the house and had a few old school moves of his own to throw into the mix, proverbial mix that is . . .


WaveTribe’s founder showed up and all the young turkeys noticed that style was more than a move or pose.





Free Surf Trip Checklist PDF

Download this QUICK AND EASY surf trip check list. Packing for your trip is stressful enough. This check list will HELP YOU remember the important things and remove the guess work. Designed by Derek after thousands of surf trips, here are his top three: 1) Ding repair kit - 2) Condoms - 3) Pepto Bismo.

Derek Dodds

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