Single Fin Surfboard – El Duderino

Single Fin Surfboard – El Duderino

Many thanks to Derek Dog, the surgeon general of my lastest slide machine, “El Duderino”.

I took Duderino for a flight test today at little hobsons.

The 7’8″ single fin egger took no time getting used to.

The mushy 3 foot waves were not enough to please, but we got a good idea of what could be handled.

Contemplating whether the 7″ flex fin is adequate, but I think it will take better conditions to really find out.

Big Brother Bill did a wonderful job on the glass, polish, and the resin tints are insane.

I’ve never seen a board quite like this, and I am stoked to saddle up on it.

This is called a GOOD DAY.

Thanks you guyses!




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Derek Dodds

Derek Dodds is founder of the world's first ecological surf company Wave Tribe, surfboard shaper, world traveler, author and Mini Simmons enthusiast.

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