Surf Wala, Goa, India

Surfing Goa India

A vision that makes us happy:  rickshaws with surfboards on top!

India and surf.

We may just be witnessing India’s new traveling trend…

Wait. What. India…Surf?

Yup. Get ready because soon you’ll start spotting more of these two words together in text.

Surf Wala, a surf school & club in Arambol, Goa, India

These guys at Surf Wala have set up camp along the palm tree-lined coastline, facing an untouched beach break with loads of spots and long hours of glassy warm-water waves and fun.

THE perfect combo: The connection between raw nature, spirituality, the ocean, and the energy of amazing people.

Sounds like a perfect match for Wave Tribe, yea?

Well, we are happy to announce that they are currently using our eco products.

Searching for mental freedom while playing and riding pristine waves…that’s something most of us  know how to do well, right?

Surf Wala, Goa, India

Surf Wala, Goa, India

Velu (co-founder) taking measurements for Surf Wala Bamboo Surf Project. The new surf station at Arambol Beach.

Surf Wala, Goa, India

Remember to consider these guys next time you’re around their neck of the woods!

Check out their stoke on their Surf Wala fan page.



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