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Mercedes Maidana Nelscott Reef Big Wave Event

Mercedes Maidana Nelscott Reef Big Wave Event

Wave Tribe Eco Rider Mercedes Maidana made it to Oregon to participate in the making of history. “In perfect conditions on the Oregon coast, three women became the first to surf at Nelscott Reef, during the world’s first Women’s big wave event.  Keala Kennely, Mercedes Maidana, and Savannah Shaughnessy battled it out during a 1-hour heat.”

“Mercedes had a very strong finish, catching one of the nicest waves of the day during the last set of the heat. In the end, Keala’s scores were strong enough to take the win.”

Mercedes Maidana Wave Tribe Team Rider

“We have been wanting to do this for years.  I am so stoked that you three were able to make it and take part in the first ever women’s big wave event,” said John Forse, event organizer. The women were equally as excited and grateful. They came up to Oregon to show world what they do and that they can compete in conditions like this.

“Thank you Nelscott Reef for giving us the chance to surf this amazing wave”, said Mercedes Maidana.  “Thanks to all the organizers and crew for believing in us girls and for giving us this space to show the world what we love to do the most.  We’ll see you next year for sure, hopefully with more women and bigger waves!”

We’re super stoked for these 3 fantastic women!

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Teahupoo Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

Teahupoo Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

Mercedes Wave Tribe Ambassodor

I’ve just finished a one month trip to Teahupoo.

It was an interesting month, very different from what I was expecting.

I was hoping for sunny days, perfect glassy barrels and being surfed out of my mind—instead, I found another reality.

I found that it rains every day and sometimes it pours and floods the home you are staying at.

The wind was usually strong and the waves that came during September were mostly from a pure West angle that closes out the barrels and shows you how death in a meat grinder could look like if you don’t make the drop.

Not all was fun at Teahupoo. Ten days of flooding!

There were also a few epic days. Those were on my first week.

As soon as the WCT left the town, a 8-10 foot swell showed up for a few of the pros that stayed around. It was my first time ever in Teahupoo so I opted to paddle out just to get a feel for the waves, with no expectations of catching anything and hoping to not be caught by any big set. That day was super fun even though I couldn’t get the courage to even attempt to get a wave.

Seeing those barrels under sea level from the lineup was a great experience. It showed me how much more I need to grow in my surfing and how far I am from a good level in heavy barrels!

There were smaller days were I got my waves and had fun. I guess that you never really have fun and relax at Teahupoo. There is always some big wave that comes out of nowhere and will scare the crap out of you.

There was lots and lots of down time.

I watched dvd’s in my computer endlessly, did my workout in the outside gallery while it poured rain for days, read and meditated. I surfed Vairao once, a really fun perfect left that barrels across a shallow non forgiving reef.

Teahupoo is a beautiful place with lush green mountains everywhere, golden sunsets every day and double rainbows that look out of this world. It is a great place and the wave is the most perfect heavy slab I had seen with my eyes.

Every afternoon the sunset went nuts
Fresh water from the fall!

I’ve basically learned that Teahupoo is not a place I want to return to spend a long time. I’d rather just fly for a good swell in the future and try other places for travel were the waves are more consistent and I can have more fun. I guess that if I would have left on my second week I would have had just highlights and great memories.

Not that it was bad, but it was boring and lonely for a month when I got about only 8 sessions at Teahupoo and only two of them were of good waves. It makes you wonder when you surf each time with just boogieboarders in the lineup and no surfers…Only a few times two guys were catching waves on a surfboard. The West direction is just too heavy.

Walking to the waterfall

Overall, I’m happy I came here. I will use all the things I learned for my next trips and I am sure that whatever waves I surf in the next days in Hawaii are going to look wayyyy easier and more forgiving than Chopes!

It will be fun for sure!

Thanks to Patagonia, FCD surfboards,Wave Tribe and Future Fins for their support on this trip!

Back to the lineup after a fun wave!



Wave Tribe at ASR 2009


Wave Tribe at ASR 2009

Half the size of 2008, ASR was a bit of a ghost town this year. Nonetheless, Wave Tribe was on hand to meet some great new friends and to check the haps in the industry. They moved the GREEN ROOM downstairs this year which was a step in the right direction but because of the downturn in the economy there were only a handful of booths. It was great to see this booth promoting recycled metal and plastic:

The shapes at 9Fish were looking really good, we were stoked to hang out with a company that didn’t have a wall build around them, at almost every other booth you had to give a blood and sperm sample to get in. These guys are coming out with some sweet new shapes, there was one fish that I would have liked to take home—and I know about fish, having shaped over a hundred myself—we spoke about how as new surf companies we could help each other and we were honored by their willingness to support our vision. Check them out here.


The Livity crew had two booths at the show, one in the GREEN section and one built out on the main floor. My hat goes off to those guys for charging so hard, here is Manabo taking a much needed break on the third day. Livity is really pushing the envelop in eco fabric design—I had a chance to speak with the owner and we brainstormed ways to promote both companies by creating some eco-synergy—Wave tribe is excited about those possibilities.

We were wondering how much companies pay to have this sign with their names on it, we were stoked to see that someone felt we should have been on the list and had added our company. That’s Nate, Wave Tribe’s sales super star pointing to the excellent addition to the list.



Eco Warrior’s Stick

Eco Warrior’s Stick

Thanks to Mikey in the UK for sending us this pic—EPS blank, balsa epoxied to foam, and laminated with ecoresin.

He says he had fun on it but I think that guy has fun on anything he rides.

It looks nice, a little fat in the nose but I like the grain in the wood and that creates an upward sweeping design.

The UK shapers are pushing the eco envelope . . .

Go . . . Go . . . Go!



Surfing In Norway

Being of Norwegian decent I always wanted to check out Norway—but every time I go to Europe, of course, I end up going south because that is where the best waves are.

However, some day I want to venture to Norway and surf—just because, really.

Also, it's damn beautiful . . . look at this photo is you have any doubts.

Surfing Norway

 © Photo by Leslye Davis/The New York Times

Kinda looks like a surf outpost on the moon. To read more about surfing in Norway. please see this great NY Times article  Surfing Under the Northern Lights.

And if you really want to get away from it all—and I do mean all— then Hoddevik is one of the most unique surf getaways in the world and offers waves with a traditional and wild backdrop.

It's located between old viking settlements, sand beaches, tall mountains.

It's about 6 hours from Bergen and the drive must be amazing.

Surfing Hoddevik

Here is a good two part series from Susi’s Surf Guide on Surfing the south and north of Norway.

She throws down the harsh reality of surfing in the winter:

"In those coldest winter months you’ll need a 6/5 with hood and at least 5mm booties and thick gloves. It is a workout in itself getting in and out of all your gear and you will feel a strong resemblance to a penguin! Water temps go down to 4 degrees Celsius, so you really want to avoid messy days."

Burrrrr . . .

Surfing Norway

Yea, think I stick to a summer visit.

Check out these guys if you make your way to Hoddevik.

The Future of Surfing

The Future of Surfing

The rerip event was a total success, with eco and forward thinking companies pushing the green envelope for a new look into our industry.

Of course, there was also some fun happening and lots of good vibrations as vendors and visitors lined up to buy new gear and look at some very progressive companies.

Seth and Rory played a few tunes on the stage and once the event was over the whole crew grabbed their gear and headed for the surf.

We lost Seth during the process and found him hours later emerging from the deep blue with a smile and a beer in hand.

Wave Tribe was stoked to be part of ‘the future of surfing’ and looks forward to helping rerip kick off its event in 2009, there is even talk about offering free new boardbags to everyone that brings in an old one . . . sweet!





Wave Tribe Donates to Big Wednesday Event

Wave Tribe Donates to Big Wednesday Event

Being part of Wave Tribe, and also part of a surf band called DR SURF, is quite a treat for a gal like myself.

Always around the stoked and the yet to be stoked makes my days exciting, and I look forward to all of the interesting characters and adventures that lie within.

The most recent adventure for DR SURF and Wave Tribe, took place at the beautiful La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas, California.

Thanks to Wave Tribe for sponsoring the trip and donating product to the event.

The very talented and kind Denny Aaberg was gracious enough to invite DR SURF to play a set before the 30th Anniversary screening of the classic surf film BIG WEDNESDAY.

DR SURF packed the gear into the little BIO DIESEL wagon, surfed the surf, watched the surf, and ate burritos all the way down.

The Wave Tribe crew was able to say hello to the local surf shops in the area, and spread the word on our mind blowing sustainable surf products and make some personal connections as opposed to the usual electronic  ones.

To our Surprise, DR SURF was asked to play on the main stage nestled between two mondo long boards which made our surfer studs very happy.

DR SURF was expecting to be in the lobby, but the event coordinator made the executive decision on the plans and decided the feng shui would be WAY off.

Being on a burning stage was no problem for DR SURF, there is enough ham in the crew to rock the BIG WEDNESDAY world without a doubt.

The main thing about playing shows whether you are on the stage or in the gutter; is to enjoy the music and the people you play with and the people you play for, this is what made this trip so much fun–that, and some good cold beer.

Thanks Wave Tribe!

Always electric,


Wave Tribe Baja R&D Trip 4 Casas

Wave Tribe Baja R&D Trip 4 Casas

Wave Tribe came to together and took a surf trip to reconnect with the essence of what we support. On our travels we didn’t know what to expect…will there be surf?

Will there be trouble?

As I run through the days in my mind, there was no trouble, because there was surf.

Each day was mellow and pleasant. As for the nights…that is another story. When planning a vacation you want to be sure that there is relaxation involved. A lot of people make plans to the tee and hope that everything is as exciting and special as you imagine. When you get there it is either anti climactic or just OK.

My personal experience was one for the books.

Our home was called Cuatros Casas. Four houses on the bluff with nothing but rocks and surf below.

Behind us was something you would see in a Clint Eastwood western; dirt roads and cactus for miles. I decided to take on the roll of “chef” as I was waiting each day for the surfers to return from their hours in the water.

The Wave Tribe crew makes surfing looks so easy! I loved witnessing the wavetriblings each day dip into the blue and slide around on the beautiful olas. I found fulfillment each session by recording the waves that were surfed on the camera so that we would have plenty of memories to bring home. I brought a book to read and a book to sketch in, and never being without a beer helped immensely.

There always seemed to be entertainment as lots of characters cruised in and out of the Hostel of Cuatros Casas, one person I will never forget was the hotel owner and ex-pat Richard. I don’t know his last name, but if you could imagine Bruce Willis working a western bed and breakfast, kicking it around mangy puppies, and cooking spaghetti you’ve got the right picture.

Overall my visit to Baja was the ultimate, and I cannot wait to get back…

Until our next trip.

Wavet Tribe PR Queen