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Three Easy Eco Tips For Surfers

eco energy

Three Easy Eco Tips For Surfers

Three Easy Eco Tips

1) Use Ecological Wax > think about all the wax you use, make it eco and you’ll have a big impact on your environmental footprint (that’s the thing you are leaving in your wake as you move through life, dig?)

2) Use a Cork Deckpad > using a deckpad reduces the surface area required for wax.

3) Use a Bamboo Wax Comb > keeping your wax combed allows for nice wax on, wax off efficiencies—hey, we sound like wax engineers!



Are Surfers Eco Friendly?

Are Surfers Eco Friendly?

We thought it would be interesting to see what the different people think of this question, and some of our riders gave us their piece of mind. Tell us what you think too!

Stefano Esposito
Yes to both questions, surfer and eco friendly. If you are not you should be! Speaking for myself, I always make sure that before leaving the beach nothing is left over in the sand. That’s what others should do as well. We don’t want our kids to play in dirty and unsafe beaches, waves giving us a lot of great emotions and sometime you just have to pay back.

There are many non-profits created by surfers to keep the beaches clean and safe, we see lots of evidence around the world and I know that the future is going in a right direction! As surfers we need to take care of the environmentally and green brands like Wave Tribe, this is first step toward creating an ecological shift in the surf industry.

Lucas Godfrey
I do think that a lot of surfers are eco-friendly because after spending that much time with nature you will learn to care about it. Although there are also surfers that go out of there way to be eco-friendly. This is how all surfers should be big or small to really take care of there environment.

Paul Mattason
I think that even though one would tend to think that all of us surfers are a positive influence on the environment, surfing has become more of an image than a philosophy.  We have been devoured by the international corporate philosophies, just like hip hop and other cultural movements.

On the positive side, this has come so far that I see a lot of people in the international surfing community who have had enough and are taking it back to the roots, and slowly we are seeing surfers opening up to a part of surfing they never gave any thought to. This is what I hope Wave Tribe is contributing to our culture, where we love surfing because of all the incredible experiences it gives us, and we protect that which provides us with so much joy.



Me and the Whale

Me and the Whale


The surf has been flat all week, I guess I have no other choice than to work hard. At least I don’t feel guilty about not being out there riding every molehill (like Campbell calls them on Sprout) I can find, nor about surfing when there is so much eco-stoke to spread!

But the day came when I had no excuse. The water was so flat I wish I had an SUP to paddle for hours, and the whales were down at the beach for a visit. A friend and I decided to grab some longboards and try to get as close as we can to get some good pictures of our big friends.

The only sketchy thing is to know when you are intruding. I don’t want to be pissing off a mother and provoke her to slamming us with her tail. Maybe someone can tell me if that’s a realistic fear… Anyhow, we decided to be prudent.

As we paddled towards one, it slowly moved away. We then decided to paddle closer but slightly aiming to get beside her. We didn’t want her to think we were predators going straight at her.

As we caught up with her, it turned towards us…we froze…now we slowly turned away, as it kept approaching us. I turned the camera on, as I also made a slight paddle away from it, showing we weren’t there to pounce on it. I got as close as 15 feet away, we were freaking out! That’s when it decided it was close enough and went on its way.

It’s so amazing to see these majestic animals from so close, especially when you are inside the water, and you only have a laminated foam block under you. We looked at the beach and saw people taking pictures from far away. I realized how lucky we are to be surfers and watermen, and have this connection to the ocean which allows us to experience these kind of things in such a more intimate way than the rest of the people. My footage on video is not so nice, I guess I was more worried about living it through my own eyes. I did get a picture though that might give you an idea of what we saw.





San Francisco: Green Surfer’s Message

San Francisco: Green Surfer’s Message


(versión en Español al fondo de la página)

Darrick Clayton is 40 years old, lives in San Francisco with his two daughters and his wife. He grew up in Southern California, where he started catching waves with his boogey board. At the age of 26 he began stand up surfing, and never stopped. He traveled around the world with his board visiting surf spots such as India, Indonesia, Australia and others.  Nowadays he wakes up at 05 am, goes bodysurfing unless waves are good enough to surf with one of his wooden boards made by local shaper Danny Hess, and returns to work at 07 am. What a routine!

Throughout this interview Darrik shares with us his vision about surfing and several related issues. He reveals the perspective of a surfer connected with the planet and with himself, which as he says, are a whole. I myself feel quite lucky to meet this guy, and being able to spread his word. Enjoy!

What is surfing in your life? What does it mean to you?

(Pause) Surfing is inspiration. Things I get out of surf affect everything I do. My relationships, my diet, my goals, family. It just keeps me in the moment. I realized that to be a better surfer, I have to learn to be as present as I can. Surfing connects me with myself, I just let go of everything, and I’m with the waves. It’s energizing. I would avoid saying it’s my religion, instead I would say it’s more of my philosophy. It’s bigger than just a sport, it’s just about going and meeting the ocean.

What drives you to the use of eco-friendly surfboards?

Well… you know. We are all connected, as people, as planet, we are one thing. Every choice I make affects everything. I wouldn’t want to harm myself. I have kids, I want everyone to be able to enjoy. It just makes sense you know. If something is potentially harmful, I just don’t choose it. I’m lucky I have the awareness, so I can choose.

What do you expect from a surfboard? What are your considerations when thinking of buying one?

I think of a board which makes me ride lots of waves.  At first, I wanted one board for every special wave. Now I want a versatile board, a “fun” board with which I can approach different types of waves. And I want a board that lasts, especially at ob (Ocean Beach, powerful beach break). I also want a board made out of materials the least harmful for the planet.

Can you perceive environmental awareness in today’s surfers? If not, why do you think this might be?

I think it’s a mix. Some are very aware. There’s definitely a global awareness that’s affecting the whole world. Companies are becoming green. It’s inevitable, it´s the future. If we want to survive, we must go green.

What is your vision of today’s surfing industry?

Well, it´s business, and businesses make what surfer’s interest are. Business will have to follow surfer’s demands, and surfers demands are changing. Every business will have to go green. My only hope is it happens soon. The problem is their minds go: Why to change if I don’t have to…?

How do you think the intervention of big business has affected the surfing culture? And how has this intervention affected the surfer himself?

It affects peoples thinking. Business spread ideas quickly, through media. They have all the tools and resources to affect the people.

Do you see the surfers taking an active role in what’s going on in their towns? How do you think surfers can become involved?

Surfers are definitely taking an active role. There are lots of organizations working in this town (San Francisco). Surfing is a perfect place of growth for change. Surfers are using this global network to express ideas. See, surfers in Costa Rica are equally concerned as surfers in Argentina about the contamination of their ocean. The ocean unites us. The planet is mostly water, and that’s surfer’s playground.

Do you see the surfing community as a cohesive group? If not, how do you think it could be strengthened?

Yes I think it is. Within it there are personalities not so welcomed, like in everything, but yes. That’s what so nice about it, it’s global! I’ll tell you a story… some years ago my buddy and I arrived to Mauritius (small island in the Indian Ocean). We stepped out of the plane, and went directly to the beach, where we decided to spend the night. Suddenly a group of guys who heard about some surfers who had just arrived showed up and took us to their house. We camped with them, their mom fed us, it was great! We surfed every place. It was instant friendship you know. This is part of the magic. There is something special about Surf, which I don’t see in tennis let’s say. When too surfers meet, there’s so much to talk about… How were the waves today?? Hey! Nice board you got! Maybe I see you in the point this afternoon! You know… If a person is reading a tennis magazine, and a tennis player sees him, I don’t think he’s gonna say, hey! How was the match today?? Or… hope I see you in the tennis court this afternoon! (Laughter)

What are your values as a surfer? What do you wish to take care of? What are your priorities?

(He doesn’t hesitate) Planet. Ocean. See I can’t take care of just a piece of it. I think of the planet, just as I think of my body. If I let a part go, anything else will go down with it. (Pause, lower tone) You see man, you can’t just take and take, and expect that there’s going to be something after a while. I can’t save the whole planet. I once wanted to, but what can I do now? I start with myself, I start with my choices. I do things which keep bringing me to the moment, picking trash in the beach, teaching my kids to about the earth. And then it starts growing, to family, parents, friends. Or taking ideas to my kid’s school. But I started with myself, I couldn’t skip steps, I had to get that step.

How are your relations with other surfers? How would you like to relate with surfers from other countries?

My relations are good. Surfing is cohesive, you paddle together with your buddy, but you surf alone, like steel lone wolf. I think you just have to be aware of the surfers needs. For instance, an Island surfer will never come to San Francisco, but tons of people will go to his place. There must be some sensitivity. I feel gratitude for a guy like this. I respect locals. Surfing has given me so much, it’s the least I can do.

Do you feel respected when visited by surfers from other beaches or nations? If not, what do you think should be improved?

Yes, I can’t remember any negative experience I had.

Do you feel welcome when travelling to other surf spots? If not, what do you think should be improved?

Yes. Nothing bad has happened besides being dropped in.

Do you thinking older generations are helping youngsters to positively manage the development of the sport?

It depends. The big thing now is everything is possible. The extent of what’s possible feels unlimited. People can travel all over the world, and get this sense of unity. Young surfers are going to use the sense of unlimited communication and creativity to make things better. Kids coming up are gonna figure it out.

What would you like to communicate to today’s surfing community?

(Meditates on the question) Gratitude.  Sense of it. It affects every decision. I go to surf, no waves, I’ll still be grateful for surfing. Gratitude makes me pick up trash. It makes me enjoy as much as I can. It’s a gift. Ocean, man… What a playground!

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Green Surf California

Green Surf California


(versión en Español abajo)

I’m here in California working together with Wave tribe to investigate, document and communicate a relatively new train of thought affecting surfing industry and surfers.

Why California? There’s a convergence factor that makes out of this territory a rich source of vanguardist ideas regarding surf and ecology.

On one side, California is and has been the most liberal state in the country, and for this reason has been calling the attention of travelers from all over the world who found a place to let ideas and creations flow abundantly. In one same day I had the opportunity to set up a dialogue with people with different nationalities, touching diverse themes, always sensing open-mindedness and positive attitude.

Without a doubt a favorable space to express and create one-self. And on the other side, California is a place with tremendous surfing culture due to its long history.

Hawaiians’ arrived to these lands more than a century ago, and experiencing some quiet periods and some explosive ones, surfing went on developing and becoming what’s now a lifestyle, or a complex sport moving people all over the world.  These two factors indicate us that California is a great place for forward thinking people to express and create tendencies, and in what this work attends, the tendency of surfing and environmental awareness.

Defining the tendency is difficult because it is developing and acquiring new forms as the guiding minds of this process create new horizons. Nevertheless we can observe some representative concepts of this movement. T

he first one is about responsibility, and comes up from he who produces different surfing articles, and from he who acquires them. In market terms, producer and consumer slowly begin to awaken to the possibilities if using harmless materials to the planet.

So which are the new production techniques that offer boards and other eco-friendly surf products?

Can these products call the attention of a price, ultra technology perfectionist mind orientated surfer?

The second concept relates to surfer’s identity, and my question is: which are the values of nowadays surfers?

What moves him, what is it that he appreciates, what is he willing to take care of and what is he not?

There will be no distinction here between producer or consumer, I’m aiming at everyone who puts his feet in the water on a regular basis. This is who’s known as a surfer, and this is who will define surfing’s future through his style and way of being. All these individuals form the “surfing community” and  will together define how they want to share waves in a planet which cannot satisfy nowadays growing surfers’ demands, which kind of products they’ll accept and which they will reject, what type of behavior will they admit and what will they not.

How will they define all these issues? Communication, internet, leadership, commitment, unity of generations, and more than any loving of the sport.

That’s why he will take care of the earth, who’s offering such pleasure and of his brotherhood surfers who enjoy together the wonderful trip of surfing.

I’m willing to follow the path that this investigation proposes, that´s why it will be good that everyone who feels part of this community becomes aware that he is, and acts consequently by being strong on his ideals, taking them on their surf trips and sharing them with other communities.

I wish this blog can be a place of dialogue and exchange of ideas, and I am at the community disposal for the time I stay here in order to take the most out of this place and these people.

I´ll be interviewing some characters such as shapers, leading local surfers, eco friendly surf producers and all of those influential people who are willing to leave a testimony.

Criticisms and comments welcomed!

Peace out surfers!



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Latin Lover

Latin Lover

(versión español abajo)

Welcome to the Latin American Blog for Wave Tribe. Although we are a young tribe, and that we are not completely established in Latin America YET, we have had several members from these parts for quite some time now, and we have been growing our roots around here since the beginning. The idea behind this blog is to show you what goes on “behind the scenes”, and to create a space where we can share everyone’s experiences, interests and projects.

For those who don’t know, Wave Tribe was born approximately 2 years ago with the intention of gathering everyone, surfers and non-surfers, under an identity that would reflect a passion and genuine respect for our Earth, land of water, of oceans. In my opinion, it is here where we find the true essence of surfing, and it is from here that we must start our lives so we can be proud of being a community that forms part of the regenerative soul of our Planet, and not merely a predatory parasite of which we must rid.

I would like this blog to be the voice of those who make this possible, of those who are making their dreams come true, of those who refuse to accept a life with no meaning. Welcome to the Tribe.

Bienvenidos al blog latinoamericano de Wave Tribe. Aunque somos una tribu joven, y que aun no hemos estamos establecidos en latinoamerica de forma completa, hace tiempo ya que tenemos varios miembros latinos, y que estamos estableciendo raíces en estas tierras. La idea es poder mostrarles lo que pasa “detras de las escenas”, y de crear un espacio para compartir experiencias, intereses y proyectos, de todos.

Para los que no lo saben, Wave Tribe nació hace aproximadamente 2 años con la intención de unificar a todos, surfistas o no, bajo una identidad que reflejara la pasión y un respeto genuino por nuestra Tierra, tierra de agua, de Oceanos. En mi opinion, es aqui en donde encontraremos la esencia del surf, y es de este punto del que tenemos que partir para poder estar orgullosos de que somos una comunidad que forma parte del alma regenerativa de nuestro planeta, y no es solamente un parasito depredatorio del que tenemos que deshacernos.

Quiero que el blog sea la voz de los que hacen esto posible, de los que estan haciendo sus sueños realidad, de los que se rehusan a aceptar una vida sin sentido. Bienvenidos a la tribu.


Ted Talks and Hookers

Ted Talks and Hookers

There are so many great things happening these days it is hard to catch up with the ‘stokedness’ of the Wave Tribe Vibe, but first of all I wanted to thank everyone connected to the tribe, we are super grateful for your support and belief in our ecological vision for a transformed surf industry—it starts with you—well, it actually started with us—but we couldn’t do it without you.

We’ve been doing a few events this summer around so cali (and plan to do more), so come hang with us if you are out and about gallivanting the summer stage—we rocked the Surf 24 event in HB in June, participating in their support for Surf Rider and a slew of other eco-LOGICAL companies. We surfed some fun little waves and meet lots of great people (check out this surfboard art from ki’i), we partnered up with our eco posse AMAZON SANDALS—the hottest recycled Brazilian sandals on the planet (I am wearing a pair right now) and we left the crowds of HBers wanting more. We finally got to meet Chance Boyer, a Wave Tribe ombudsman and all around great guy. Chance does SURF COACHING IN SO CAL so if your chops are choppy give him a jingle and he’ll help put some bash back in your slash.

We have added a few new awesome reps to the Wave Tribe NOR CAL line-up, check out up in the San Francisco/Santa Cruz area and in the Hum-bolt area is our man in the cold frigid sand, we know ya’ll like the hemp up there so let’s keep up with the herbal vibe and support the Tribe.

Across the pond there are some VERY NICE European movements, we don’t have a rep in Kazakhstan yet but our peps in Europe are filling orders quicker than an Amsterdam hooker (not that I would know what that’s like mind ya), in France check out Biskya (nice website), in Italy see Slide Tribe, in Spain look for the Kuntiqi, in Sweden hit up Fahlén Surfshop, in the UK talk with our man Stu at Balance Distribution and in Portugal see the Lisbon posse Pedro and Ricardo at Ecological Distribution.

We got some fantastic new ECO BOARDSOCK STYLES in this month made from Hemp and PET that are going to knock your socks off (skulls, peace, hemp leaf, checker, tiger prints, etc ), we got so many styles my head was spinning when I opened the boxes from the factory, so get them while they last, but save a skull for me and my super awesome chambermaid, she like the skulls!

We’ve added a few shops to the eco friendly line-up, support the cause beeches!

Air and Speed Surf Shop, Montawk, NY :: Paragon Sports, New York NY :: Maui and Sons, Venice Beach, CA :: Crux Surf  Shop :: SWELL.COM :: Roberts Surfboards :: Arbor Surf Collective

Some more great news is that ARBOR in Venice asked us to be part of their ecological surf collective (Surf-Skate-Snow), we are super stoked to be there, they are stocking a complete range of Wave Tribe Pioneer and Global Hemp Surfboard Bags in their shop and you can also find a few other Wave Tribe goodies like our cork Deckpad and also special order any other product that you might want—thanks Arbor for inviting us!

HOT SHOP TIP. Do you own a surfshop in SO CAL and need to get your boards delivered inexpensively and safely, check out Leon (, he drives the coast every two weeks and hand delivers boards at VERY reasonable prices. We got your back shops!

Like music? We do too. Check out our new ARTISTIC team riders Wiley One for some rocking grooves and cold hard chill-N summer jams.

Did you miss our great interview with Darrick Clayton? Check it here for the low down with this Frisco charger and all around great guy, thanks to boludo Santi van Lion-Horse for writing this one up.

I saved the best for last, check out this pictorial delight of Wave Tribe Team Rider Mercedes in Puerto Escondido, what an awesome trip Meti!

Peace, Love, Respect.

Wave Tribe

PS. This great TED talk from Barry Schwartz is awesome Loss of Wisdom

Water Quality Guidelines Ignored

Water Quality Guidelines Ignored


A team of researchers from Surfing Medicine International 501(c)(3), University of Hawaii Manoa, University of California Davis, and University of Nevada Reno have determined that a reduction in stream tree canopy significantly increases fecal bacteria in tropical island surface waters. This may not sound like groundbreaking science, but it contradicts what the Hawaii State Department of Health (HI DOH) has been saying for years– claiming the fecal bacteria in its water was “naturally occurring” in the soil. Thereby keeping beaches open that contained unsafe levels of fecal bacteria, because according to the USEPA, fecal bacteria cause increased incidence rates of gastrointestinal illness in people when the USEPA guidelines are exceeded in marine and fresh waters.

According to the researchers, the new study contradicts previous findings and claims made by the HI DOH, and also contradicts peer reviewed research previously published by Dr. Roger Fujioka of the Water Resources Research Center of the University of Hawaii. In 1986, the USEPA created guidelines for fecal bacteria concentrations in surface water so that all U.S. territories and States could warn the public when marine and fresh waters are contaminated with human and animal feces. But, Dr. Fujioka and HI DOH claim that fecal bacteria concentrations in tropical island stream water come from soil, and not from human or animal feces, and that tropical islands do not have to rely on or enforce USEPA guidelines for marine or fresh waters. Meantime, USEPA water quality fecal bacteria guidelines have been ignored in tropical island marine and fresh water used to grow crops.

The new research (attached to this email as a PDF file) findings published this month online at Journal of Ecohealth shows that fecal bacteria in tropical island surface water are not associated with the soil, and found in very high numbers in feces.  “Our work was conducted at a watershed scale on the North Side of the rural tropical island Kaua‘i to determine sources of USEPA’s recommended fecal bacteria,” says corresponding author Guy Ragosta, Watershed Manager of Surfing Medicine International. “Since presence of feces in surface water is directly correlated with increased incidence rates of gastrointestinal illness associated with recreational contact according to the USEPA, we felt it was necessary to collect data from uninhabited heavily forested areas of a rural tropical island stream on North Side Kaua‘i. A lot of HI DOH’s claims to not follow USEPA fecal bacteria guidelines are based on peer reviewed data collected in degraded ecosystems like Honolulu, one of the most densely populated cities in the U.S. riddled with sewage problems and out of control feral animals dropping feces all over, and in lower elevation Guam which also suffers from human and animal fecal problems. The reality is that there might be a backlog of unreported gastrointestinal illness since 1986 when USEPA guidelines were established due to multiple tropical islands worldwide not notifying the public when USEPA fecal bacteria guidelines are exceeded in surface waters.”

According to a 2009 report by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) ‘The HI DOH believes contamination from human sewage is more likely to cause illness than animal feces’. But, no one in Hawaii or any other tropical island has conducted a thorough scientific and methodical epidemiological investigation to determine human illness incidence rates related to fecal bacteria concentrations in surface water. In 2008 researchers from Stanford University found evidence in lower elevations of Hanalei watershed of Kaua‘i that indicated some fecal bacteria were from human feces. So, the most current peer reviewed research shows that fecal bacteria in tropical island water is not associated with the soil, but comes from human and animal feces, and that by reducing stream tree canopy, fecal bacteria concentrations in tropical island surface waters increases.

Surfing Medicine International is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to support, research, and create botanical remedies for human disease and water pollution. For more information or to contact them regarding any concerns, including those about previous illness after using surface waters of tropical islands since 1986, visit their website at:

Read The Study


NASA Supports Wave Tribe

NASA Supports Wave Tribe


NASA Supports Wave Tribe. Wave Tribe is looking for new shops to help promote our vision—help us create a new reality within the surf industry where sustainability is at the core of everything we sell and purchase.

Ask you local shop to carry Wave Tribe or sign up today to become a Wave Tribe retailer.

See Our Shop List




Wave Tribe at ASR 2009


Wave Tribe at ASR 2009

Half the size of 2008, ASR was a bit of a ghost town this year. Nonetheless, Wave Tribe was on hand to meet some great new friends and to check the haps in the industry. They moved the GREEN ROOM downstairs this year which was a step in the right direction but because of the downturn in the economy there were only a handful of booths. It was great to see this booth promoting recycled metal and plastic:

The shapes at 9Fish were looking really good, we were stoked to hang out with a company that didn’t have a wall build around them, at almost every other booth you had to give a blood and sperm sample to get in. These guys are coming out with some sweet new shapes, there was one fish that I would have liked to take home—and I know about fish, having shaped over a hundred myself—we spoke about how as new surf companies we could help each other and we were honored by their willingness to support our vision. Check them out here.


The Livity crew had two booths at the show, one in the GREEN section and one built out on the main floor. My hat goes off to those guys for charging so hard, here is Manabo taking a much needed break on the third day. Livity is really pushing the envelop in eco fabric design—I had a chance to speak with the owner and we brainstormed ways to promote both companies by creating some eco-synergy—Wave tribe is excited about those possibilities.

We were wondering how much companies pay to have this sign with their names on it, we were stoked to see that someone felt we should have been on the list and had added our company. That’s Nate, Wave Tribe’s sales super star pointing to the excellent addition to the list.