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On Surfing Nicaragua – Wave Tribe Product Review

On Surfing Nicaragua – Wave Tribe Product Review

Lucas is our youngest member and we are stoke to have him represent the younger generation.

He is an awesome shredder and also has a great appreciation for the environment.

Recently he went on an epic trip and this is what he shared with us . . .

Recently I went on a surf trip to Nicaragua with my dad (doug) and my sister(anna), it was a trip to last a lifetime.

After spending about 26 hours traveling with three stops it was a mission just to get there. When we were there the waves were not all that promising head high onshore shifty beach break, I could not help myself and be a little disappointed.

That morning we woke up to pristine overhead barreling beach break with peaks up and down the beach we were stoked!

That is how it was prefect mornings with onshore afternoons kicking in around eleven o’clock. being there I had a lot of time to try out my new Wave Tribe products.

The leashes held up and worked great only breaking one for the whole month I was down there after being caught inside by a seven wave set.

The deck pads had tons of traction to where your foot would not slide around until you would have to wax it like I’ve had to do with other deck pads I owned.

The board bags had great padding and neither of my boards were dinged on all those flights. While we were down there we met Holly Beck who we spent a lot of time surfing with because she lived near to the camp we were staying at, It was very nice to watch her shred and to hang out with her, Ryan, and the dogs.

The only thing that bothered me there was the amount of trash on the beaches and all the plastic you would find floating around in the water it really made me sad to see a place that beautiful ruined by trash everywhere. I would try to help by picking up trash every time I went to the beach but it was not enough to make a difference.

That is why I think that it is so important for companies like Wave Tribe to care more about what they are making and how they can make it recyclable and decomposable instead of looking for the cheapest way to make the product.

That is the story of my trip we had a really good time met a lot of cool people and hopefully I’ll be back as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!

~ Lucas

Euro Eco Surf Revolution

Euro Eco Surf Revolution

This morning (Saturday) I am stuffing our new stickers into our Wave Tribe catalog and preparing them to go out to all of you that asked for them, sorry it has taken so long to get them to you but I think you’ll be happy with the new design—worth the wait for sure. If you are in Europe you’ll still have to wait a bit as the Euro Team is still preparing their little love packets for the Euro Wavetriblings.

I am back in Cali after an epic trip to Europe, volcanoes erupting and red wine flowing. I was stoked to spend a lot of quality time with our Euro Team Jean and Johanna, what a wonderful expression of partnership and friendship, this is what we all strive for no? to do business with beautiful people and form bonds that run much deeper than the business itself? We got some great surf too and I had my very first SUP session, I broke the paddle after about 30 minutes, I think it was a sign from God. Jean looked at me perplexed and said, “I didn’t think those carbonate paddles could break?” My life is filled with the seemingly impossible. We decided to test one of our bags and I zipped Jean up and tossed him off a cliff, check it here, viewer discretion is advised.

We drove into Spain and I got to see an old friend (last I saw him was 23 years ago) that I grew up with, long live Facebook! I never even spoke with him, I sent him and email and he said fly here and I will pick you up. I got to the airport and nobody was there and I was like, ‘what now?’ He showed up and we surfed our brains out, got some fun waves in northern Spain, nice little reefs, I am going back this winter and we are going to do some tow-in (yea baby).

I dropped in on the Kuntiqi boys at their shop (check out that Balsa B-board, haha). If you are in the area please go check them out (just outside Santander in northern Spain), really cool cats that are doing the right thing all the way, they got some balsa boards that are DYNAMITE. I almost took this one home with me, they shape them in Ecuador and finish them with bio resin (I think you could spread the bio resign on toast and eat it and NOT die). They are some of the most beautiful boards I have come across, we’ll be offering them to the European market through the Wave Tribe Europe Online Store soon.

Back in southern France we met up with the Slide Tribe from Italy (the Italians got style) at our Straw Bale Wave Tribe Headquarters. The Slide Tribe will be representing Wave Tribe to Italy’s 300+ shops and also featuring our eco surf products in their own shop in Venice, Italy (how cool is that).  Oh yea, thanks for that bottle of red guys, I really enjoyed it!

I am very honored to be connected to people with an eco vision and excited about what we are seeing happen at the grass roots level. We all have to work together to make this a better planet and life . . . oh that reminds me, I came across this video of Will Smith talking about life and I REALLY love it, this guy is so damn cool. You should watch it, really, no, really. I wonder if he surfs?

Peace, I got to lick some stamps and stuff some envelops. while ya’ll are sleeping I am working, while ya’ll are eating, I am working (hehe, watch the Will Smith video and you’ll get it.)


PS. Go get some Wave Tribe products and make me work some more will ya!

Jbay, South Africa: It Only Takes One To Change You Forever

Lion, Elephants & Sick Waves

“Do you bring the bong? No, I thought you brought it!”

J-Bay Art

This trip has been like a Cheech and Chong bong party, without the bong!

Traveling isn’t always easy, different beds, snoring friends, babies crying, funky food, “for the last time, vegetarian does not mean I eat chicken god damn it!”

There is nothing like that first drink of tap water in a foreign land, having been cursed in countries south of the border for over thirty years you would think I’d learn by now.

I run out to the reception with a hopeful expression on my face, “I just drank the tap water, is that cool in this part of Africa?” Then I picked up some gnarly African flu, four days in I was praying to trade it out for anything Montezuma style. The illness knocked me out like Mike Tyson at a drunken bar mitzvah.

Back to praying, “Dear God, just give me enough energy to surf.”

So, there I was dragging my sorry ass out into the surf and then crawling back to bed for the rest of the day.

What a vacation!

I showed up to my hotel in J-bay and they lost my booking, “sorry bru no room for you.”

Thought I was feeling better and ambled out to find some decent food. I’d been living off cough syrup and aspirin for days, I’d had so many flavors my tongue felt like the sticky side of a live mousetrap.

All was going well, got a good seat, had a glass of wine, put my order in, and then a coughing fit took hold of me and I had to run out of the establishment for a five minute fight with my lungs.

It was like an epileptic seizure, I thought I was going to swallow my teeth. I made it back to my table and ate my food so fast that, well, I’m not sure I really ate it. I wanted to get back to the hotel to my, you guessed it, apple cough syrup.

I rushed back and went for that bottle like a junkie that won the lottery and, you got to be kidding me, it was spilled all over the floor like some kind of big tile lollipop.

I half thought about liking that shit right off the floor but I decided that was way beneath my dignity. Not that I had much left at this point.

Of course, at this stage everything was closed so I had to rough it and hold court with all that phlegm in my lungs, trying not to breath in too deep and building my pillows as high as possible to trick my lungs into thinking I could out-wit them. It doesn’t work, let me tell you.

Surfing J Bay
I climbed into bed waiting for the storm to arrive with a full box of tissues and a jug of water.

I open my book for a bit of undeniably deserved reprieve. I am a paragraph or two in and I notice this black spot on the page.

What the fuck, the damn thing moves when my eyes move, I get up and look at the mirror and during my coughing fit I broke a blood vessel in my eye.

It can’t get worse, can it?

In the morning I woke and noticed something different. I could feel it, it was in the air. I ran outside and took a peak over the railing straight out at Supertubes.

The swell jumped overnight, the wind switched onshore, and the swell was hitting directly from the East—perfect conditions. I’d been waiting four years for this, surfed many good days but this was as good as it gets here—not many people in the water either.

Just paddling out at J-bay you got to have some decent sized balls, the reef sucks out like a hooker on crack.

There is one sane way in and one out between all the jagged rocks. My first trip five years ago the reef sketched me out so hard that I paddled all the way from the beach at Bone Yards.

It took me about 40 minutes to get into the lineup at Supers back then. After five trips here I don’t make that paddle any more, this day I was in the lineup and on my first way before you could say lickety spliff (pun intended).

J-Bay Surfing

I paddled to the top, nodded to the crowd of locals that are as friendly as a pack of hyenas on a ten day fast. At the top, the waves at J-bay are the biggest. You’re lucky to make every fifth one.

If the swell doesn’t hit the reef just right it’s runs too fast down the line and closes out on top of your head and when that happens you better hope you got one of the last ones in the set because getting caught inside means your get pushing into razor sharp reef.

Most guys sit just inside and pick off the set waves when guys fall but every once in a while it hits just right and wraps along the reef like a Rastafarian condom. This is not the g spot, it’s the j spot.

I was right in position for what I could feel was going to test my limits. I swung fast and dropped, pitted on takeoff.

I shot out and hit the lip so hard, it made me hard, ok semi.

Now it’s race time, the middle section of the wave is a race track and if you make it though it will reward you and if you don’t it will punish you.

I drew my line high and made the next section with my hands over my head—inside the green room—another few turns and a smaller barrel on the inside.

I paddled back to the top and a few of hyenas were smiling at me—it only takes one to change you forever.