Euro Eco Surf Revolution

Euro Eco Surf Revolution

This morning (Saturday) I am stuffing our new stickers into our Wave Tribe catalog and preparing them to go out to all of you that asked for them, sorry it has taken so long to get them to you but I think you’ll be happy with the new design—worth the wait for sure. If you are in Europe you’ll still have to wait a bit as the Euro Team is still preparing their little love packets for the Euro Wavetriblings.

I am back in Cali after an epic trip to Europe, volcanoes erupting and red wine flowing. I was stoked to spend a lot of quality time with our Euro Team Jean and Johanna, what a wonderful expression of partnership and friendship, this is what we all strive for no? to do business with beautiful people and form bonds that run much deeper than the business itself? We got some great surf too and I had my very first SUP session, I broke the paddle after about 30 minutes, I think it was a sign from God. Jean looked at me perplexed and said, “I didn’t think those carbonate paddles could break?” My life is filled with the seemingly impossible. We decided to test one of our bags and I zipped Jean up and tossed him off a cliff, check it here, viewer discretion is advised.

We drove into Spain and I got to see an old friend (last I saw him was 23 years ago) that I grew up with, long live Facebook! I never even spoke with him, I sent him and email and he said fly here and I will pick you up. I got to the airport and nobody was there and I was like, ‘what now?’ He showed up and we surfed our brains out, got some fun waves in northern Spain, nice little reefs, I am going back this winter and we are going to do some tow-in (yea baby).

I dropped in on the Kuntiqi boys at their shop (check out that Balsa B-board, haha). If you are in the area please go check them out (just outside Santander in northern Spain), really cool cats that are doing the right thing all the way, they got some balsa boards that are DYNAMITE. I almost took this one home with me, they shape them in Ecuador and finish them with bio resin (I think you could spread the bio resign on toast and eat it and NOT die). They are some of the most beautiful boards I have come across, we’ll be offering them to the European market through the Wave Tribe Europe Online Store soon.

Back in southern France we met up with the Slide Tribe from Italy (the Italians got style) at our Straw Bale Wave Tribe Headquarters. The Slide Tribe will be representing Wave Tribe to Italy’s 300+ shops and also featuring our eco surf products in their own shop in Venice, Italy (how cool is that).  Oh yea, thanks for that bottle of red guys, I really enjoyed it!

I am very honored to be connected to people with an eco vision and excited about what we are seeing happen at the grass roots level. We all have to work together to make this a better planet and life . . . oh that reminds me, I came across this video of Will Smith talking about life and I REALLY love it, this guy is so damn cool. You should watch it, really, no, really. I wonder if he surfs?

Peace, I got to lick some stamps and stuff some envelops. while ya’ll are sleeping I am working, while ya’ll are eating, I am working (hehe, watch the Will Smith video and you’ll get it.)


PS. Go get some Wave Tribe products and make me work some more will ya!

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