Surfing In Norway

Surfing In Norway

Being of Norwegian decent I always wanted to check out Norway—but every time I go to Europe, of course, I end up going south because that is where the best waves are.

However, some day I want to venture to Norway and surf—just because, really.

Also, it's damn beautiful . . . look at this photo is you have any doubts.

Surfing Norway

 © Photo by Leslye Davis/The New York Times

Kinda looks like a surf outpost on the moon. To read more about surfing in Norway. please see this great NY Times article  Surfing Under the Northern Lights.

And if you really want to get away from it all—and I do mean all— then Hoddevik is one of the most unique surf getaways in the world and offers waves with a traditional and wild backdrop.

It's located between old viking settlements, sand beaches, tall mountains.

It's about 6 hours from Bergen and the drive must be amazing.

Surfing Hoddevik

Here is a good two part series from Susi’s Surf Guide on Surfing the south and north of Norway.

She throws down the harsh reality of surfing in the winter:

"In those coldest winter months you’ll need a 6/5 with hood and at least 5mm booties and thick gloves. It is a workout in itself getting in and out of all your gear and you will feel a strong resemblance to a penguin! Water temps go down to 4 degrees Celsius, so you really want to avoid messy days."

Burrrrr . . .

Surfing Norway

Yea, think I stick to a summer visit.

Check out these guys if you make your way to Hoddevik.

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