Did you know that 46,000 pieces of plastic debris float on every square mile of the ocean?


In the U.S., 70 percent of plastics are made from domestic natural gas. By recycling plastics (or upcycling) we make that energy available for other purposes—like heating for the homeless.

Wave Tribe, with a desire to move away from plastic production, uses alternative material such as hemp, cork and upcycled materials in its products.

Upcycling is when you take something that is normally discarded (like a used Billboard advertisement) and then repurpose that material to create a new product (like a rad Wave Tribe board bag).

Here is a picture of us rolling out a billboard and considering innovative compositions.

Billboard Upcycle

Once we spot some design possibilities, our sewing goddess puts them together with USA made YKK marine zippers (if it’s good for a boat, it’s good for your boardbag) and metal hardware.

I bet your old board bag is constructed with plastic, was made in China, and looks like every other bag out there. Dude, time to make some changes.

The colors are awesome, the upcycled billboard is strong like bull, and the zippers will last you decades (if the zipper breaks we will replace it for free).

Each bag is unique and we can make custom sizes or funky shapes. But the most awesome thing about these bags is that they are make by your bros at Wave Tribe in California. When you buy a bag from us you support surfers that have dedicated their lives to bringing you eco friendly goods. That is an awesome gesture and we really appreciate your choice.

Upcycle Billboard Boardbag

Buying local isn’t just for food bros, let’s bring our dollars back home and support our local shapers, farmers, and surf accessory makers.

You like?

Buying local is smart because 1) your $ are invested in your community ; 2) it decreased the environmental impact; and 3) it creates jobs for your bros.

[button link=”http://www.wavetribe.com/Board-Bag-s/2.htm” size=”large”]Click Here[/button] to order one today.

Derek Dodds

Derek Dodds is founder of the world's first ecological surf company Wave Tribe, surfboard shaper, world traveler, author and Mini Simmons enthusiast.

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