Ted Talks and Hookers

Ted Talks and Hookers

There are so many great things happening these days it is hard to catch up with the ‘stokedness’ of the Wave Tribe Vibe, but first of all I wanted to thank everyone connected to the tribe, we are super grateful for your support and belief in our ecological vision for a transformed surf industry—it starts with you—well, it actually started with us—but we couldn’t do it without you.

We’ve been doing a few events this summer around so cali (and plan to do more), so come hang with us if you are out and about gallivanting the summer stage—we rocked the Surf 24 event in HB in June, participating in their support for Surf Rider and a slew of other eco-LOGICAL companies. We surfed some fun little waves and meet lots of great people (check out this surfboard art from ki’i), we partnered up with our eco posse AMAZON SANDALS—the hottest recycled Brazilian sandals on the planet (I am wearing a pair right now) and we left the crowds of HBers wanting more. We finally got to meet Chance Boyer, a Wave Tribe ombudsman and all around great guy. Chance does SURF COACHING IN SO CAL so if your chops are choppy give him a jingle and he’ll help put some bash back in your slash.

We have added a few new awesome reps to the Wave Tribe NOR CAL line-up, check out Jon@wavetribe.com up in the San Francisco/Santa Cruz area and in the Hum-bolt area Ben@wavetribe.com is our man in the cold frigid sand, we know ya’ll like the hemp up there so let’s keep up with the herbal vibe and support the Tribe.

Across the pond there are some VERY NICE European movements, we don’t have a rep in Kazakhstan yet but our peps in Europe are filling orders quicker than an Amsterdam hooker (not that I would know what that’s like mind ya), in France check out Biskya (nice website), in Italy see Slide Tribe, in Spain look for the Kuntiqi, in Sweden hit up Fahlén Surfshop, in the UK talk with our man Stu at Balance Distribution and in Portugal see the Lisbon posse Pedro and Ricardo at Ecological Distribution.

We got some fantastic new ECO BOARDSOCK STYLES in this month made from Hemp and PET that are going to knock your socks off (skulls, peace, hemp leaf, checker, tiger prints, etc ), we got so many styles my head was spinning when I opened the boxes from the factory, so get them while they last, but save a skull for me and my super awesome chambermaid, she like the skulls!

We’ve added a few shops to the eco friendly line-up, support the cause beeches!

Air and Speed Surf Shop, Montawk, NY :: Paragon Sports, New York NY :: Maui and Sons, Venice Beach, CA :: Crux Surf  Shop :: SWELL.COM :: Roberts Surfboards :: Arbor Surf Collective

Some more great news is that ARBOR in Venice asked us to be part of their ecological surf collective (Surf-Skate-Snow), we are super stoked to be there, they are stocking a complete range of Wave Tribe Pioneer and Global Hemp Surfboard Bags in their shop and you can also find a few other Wave Tribe goodies like our cork Deckpad and also special order any other product that you might want—thanks Arbor for inviting us!

HOT SHOP TIP. Do you own a surfshop in SO CAL and need to get your boards delivered inexpensively and safely, check out Leon (lfitchat@yahoo.com), he drives the coast every two weeks and hand delivers boards at VERY reasonable prices. We got your back shops!

Like music? We do too. Check out our new ARTISTIC team riders Wiley One for some rocking grooves and cold hard chill-N summer jams.

Did you miss our great interview with Darrick Clayton? Check it here for the low down with this Frisco charger and all around great guy, thanks to boludo Santi van Lion-Horse for writing this one up.

I saved the best for last, check out this pictorial delight of Wave Tribe Team Rider Mercedes in Puerto Escondido, what an awesome trip Meti!

Peace, Love, Respect.

Wave Tribe

PS. This great TED talk from Barry Schwartz is awesome Loss of Wisdom

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