Focusing in on the bigger picture is a must. Surf companies are sponsoring kids for the events, there is excellent advertising opportunities in the event programs.

Wave Tribe Takes First Place at Pacific Beach Contest


In ancient times, tribes used to gather every so often for seasonal festivals or for trade and barter. Bringing together all walks of life, from all over the country…..and even the world. The same is happening on the California Coast. From Santa Cruz to San Diego, Surf Clubs are gathering in large numbers at local beaches to compete with each other, and to bring the Surfing Community together.

This past weekend, October 16th and 17th, Pacific Beach Surf Club hosted it’s first Coalition Surfing Club Event at Tourmaline Surf Park in San Diego. My family and I are avid Club Competitor’s for La Jolla Shores Surfing Association, and compete in most events. Last weekend were lucky enough to take two, 1st Place Division wins. Kevin Connelly, and myself Michelle Connelly. Riding our Locally built surf boards by my husband, Kevin Connelly (Kevin Connelly Surfboards).

Focusing in on the bigger picture is a must. Surf companies are sponsoring kids for the events, there is excellent advertising opportunities in the event programs. I recently stacked some Wave Tribe Catalogs on some tables out of the grace of the Pacific Beach Contest Director Celia, hoping to bring down the word of Wave Tribe to San Diego.

Companies all over help sponsor these events by donating financially, or with Product.

Each event hands out a goody bag, and sometimes even lunch & dinner to each paid competitor. And these goody bags are usually stuffed with a T-Shirt, sunscreen, stickers, wax, wax combs, coffee mugs, and any new product that is in the surf industry trying to get recognition. The Malibu Board Riders Club includes many eco-friendly products in their bags, which I personally enjoyed!

These events are mellow, fun, and a great way to spend the weekend. There are no cash prizes, only trophies and most importantly bragging rights. Also the Coalition Club Events are a good avenue for learning how to compete in a Surf Contest, which for the younger crowds open up doors for future prospects in the surf industry. The family atmosphere is what I enjoy the most. Getting the family together for the weekend can be tough, at least that’s how it is with mine!

Having these great Club Events gets us all together, sometimes camping in Malibu……..or renting a beach bungalow at Churches with our club members for the weekend. I want my daughter to grow up around this camaraderie and sense of community that is essential for us as humans. Peace and Love are the funding of these Events, of course entry fee’s are required through your Surf Club!

So if are interested in being a part of these Surf Tribe gatherings, check out your local beach to see if they have a Surf Club – or check out the link below:
Peace – Michelle Connelly, Wave Tribe Representative – San Diego



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