“Time will never stand still and those moments that bring us such joy become memories in an instant. To capture such a moment and record it forever is truly monumental.” – Joshua Atticks

This quote really resonates with me, not only when I’m out on a photo shoot but especially going through everyday life. Memories are such an amazing facet of life; and to be able to capture them and share that moment with all of its feelings is truly a beautiful accomplishment. I’ve always been attracted to the idea of capturing an object and having that image tap into its soul and all the wonder and mystery encapsulated by that object. Being an adrenaline junky, I’d gladly go any distance or attempt anything to capture the right photo, and by doing so, more memories are made, which means more opportunities for breath taking photos.

Amy Farid Photographer

The image of the Humpback whales was taken in Alaska. I hopped on a small boat that took me out to the middle of the ocean; the crew was searching for whales. We went a couple hours out from shore where we luckily managed to spot some. Before we knew it they surrounded us. I was out on the deck trying to get some photos, when our boat suddenly flipped right on its side, a humpback whale had swam right under our boat. I slipped down and off the deck and clung onto the railing of the boat and my cameras, but my waist down was in the ice-cold water.

Thankfully the whale had passed us and our boat returned back to its rightful position. I got back on my feet and continued taking pictures; the amount of whales and activity was surreal. Then right in front of us, only ten feet away the whales began bubble-net feeding and that’s when I got my shot. Bubble Net Feeding is a unique feeding technique employed by Humpback Whales, in which a group of whales swim in a shrinking circle blowing bubbles below a school of fish. This shrinking column of bubbles surrounds the school of fish forcing them upward. The whales spontaneously swim upward through the bubble net, mouths wide open, catching thousands of fish in one gulp.

I ended the voyage with frozen peg legs, a sheet of ice for pants and such an amazing photo- definitely all worth it.

Photographer Amy Farid

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