Stefano Esposito joins Wave Tribe's team.

Stefano Esposito

We are proud to announce that San Clemente ripper Don Stefano Esposito has joined our army of eco-riders.

Wave Tribe riders are not just people who love surfing and rip, but peps that cherish the intimate relationship we as surfers have with the oceans and the environment, therefor lead their lives with gratitude and respect towards them.

“Everything started when I was young. As a kid we used to attend Surfrider sponsored clean-up days in Italy, going to beaches near Rome to clean up the mess left on the sand from tourists. I realize then that we could do so much more for the environment and we can make this planet a better place. With all the environmental disasters happening these days and talk about a bad economy it feels good to do something positive and put energy toward a local beach clean-up. Since those days back in Italy I started to care more about the ecology and that’s why I’m super stoked to use eco products from Wave Tribe.”

To read the rest of Stefano’s story, visit our eco-riders page:

Eco-riders: Stefano Esposito

We’re stoked to have you with us in the tribe Stefano!



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Derek Dodds is founder of the world's first ecological surf company Wave Tribe, surfboard shaper, world traveler, author and Mini Simmons enthusiast.

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