Wave Tribe recyclable leashes which couldn't of worked better---the velcro holds tight and the comfortable ankle strap brings it all together, they are strong, durable, and long lasting

(by Lucas Godfrey. May 2011) Costa Rica is probably the coolest place I have ever been to. This trip we stayed on the Osa peninsula called Cabo Matapalo—which is across the bay from Pavones. We are lucky enough to know a friend who lives right in front of Backwash Bay—which is where we surfed most frequently. Between morning and afternoon surf sessions there was a lot of down time, this was usually filled by looking for snakes, monkeys, birds, or sitting back and reading a book. The Costa Rica wildlife is amazing, the rainforest is so alive, even coming from Hawaii it is awesome being in a place that is so untouched by man. This is the type of place that I am sure inspired the Wave Tribe founder to create his company and I am stoked to be part of it to help protect these pristine places.

We went on the most breathtaking hikes with animals running everywhere through the jungle. I would say one of the highlights of the trip was going zip-lining—it consisted of traversing across twelve platforms, flying down these cables in-between trees and at times over a hundred feet off the ground! The whole time we were there  my Dad and I were using Wave Tribe recyclable leashes which couldn’t of worked better—the velcro holds tight and the comfortable ankle strap brings it all together, they are strong, durable, and long lasting. I also used Wave Tribe cork deck pads on this trip which had great traction, I even met a guy down there using Wave Tribe’s cork deck pad and leash I told him “right on for supporting a earth oriented company” and he agreed.

Although we didn’t get swell much over a couple feet overhead—and never got Pan Dulce—it was an amazing experience just to be there and I got some shreddable waves in the process and tested my Wave Tribe gear, check the link below for some great pics of the trip.

Pura Vida – see pics of trip here!

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