Wave Tribe team wants to introduce YOU to this Eco Rad List we’ve humbly put together, honoring more than two decades of 'living green'.

Wave Tribe team wants to introduce YOU to this Eco Rad List we’ve humbly put together, honoring more than two decades of ‘living green’.

1989 –FIRST ever known use of the word ‘Eco-friendly’.

Yup, sure enough, 25 years ago.

We remember that year very well.

The first signs of the negative impact of global warming, recycling, and CFC’s from aerosol and fridges were the talk of the moment.
Trending: Harmful aerosols…Recycling aluminum cans, plastic…remember?

LOTS has been going on since then…A wide variety of ‘green’ businesses and products began surfacing and blooming.
Especially, in the last decade, eco market has been exponentially growing, every year. Pretty cool.

In honor of those 25 years of ‘eco-friendly’ power.

We’ve casually been stumbling upon these eye-catching green products randomly, while doing our normal day-to-day work online.
These products or services, have caught our attention for their positive-generating energy and vision.
Small to medium businesses wanting to ‘break the mold’ in fun, creative, out-of-the-box ways.


Zeal Optics.
Biodegradable sunglasses! How rad is that? 100% cotton. Crazy stuff 🙂




Surf Mud.
Organic sunblock. Organic Ingredients such as: coconut oil, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, beeswax, tea tree oil and zinc oxide. We want this now!




Eco friendly yoga mat and cork block. 100% recyclable and reusable yoga mats.



Ocean Green.
Eco friendly surfboards. Shapes designed by our world class shaper Frank McWilliams and Nicaraguan balsa wood.
You’ve got to check these guys out, they even use organic cotton cloths while working!



The Cruel Sea.
Vintage style canvas surf board bags, 1940’s Singer machine sewn. Have we mentioned the word Awesome, yet?



Surf board bags canvas (recycled?)



Bureo Skateboards.
Upcycled skateboard decks made with sea trash!
Rad product, and even-radder cause. Please take a minute to look at these guys’ bio, everybody, it’s well worth it. Double shaka!




Run with the Tribe.
Conscious couture by Alana Rose Abbott. We love the name!
These eco rad organic garments are hand dyed and entirely hand-stitched. This girl rocks.



Beatnik Trading.
Surfboard bag that turns into hammock. Need we say more!? 🙂



SUP yoga school.
Yoga on the water?! Yup. Stephanie, owner and operator at Suptopia, will show you how. Check out her website for more of her amesomess.



*Short disclaimer:
We want to let you know we haven’t used or reviewed these products/services yet, but we would MOST definitely want to in the near future, and vouch for them 99.9999%.

So, that said. Tribe Family, if you feel the need to give us your feedback, please feel free to do so, tell us what you think, we’ll be happy to acknowledge your opinions and update our info.

Btw, we will update info and add to this list every month or so.

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