Today I'll be getting on a plane headed to Faro, Portugal, where a solid swell is awaiting where we will test our new Wave Tribe gear.
Wave Tribe eNews 3-2010

Packing for Portugal

I have been trying to get this newsletter out for weeks, so here it is on the morning of my departure south. Today I’ll be getting on a plane headed to Faro, Portugal, where a solid swell is awaiting (good travel karma me have) but of course I wanted to update the tribe on what has been happening lately, because, you know, that’s how we roll.

I have been in Europe for a few weeks now, visiting our European partners and scoring a some waves along the way. In the UK Stu at Balance Distribution got his boatload of Wave Tribe goodies delivered, so if you are in the UK hood you should definitely give him a shout. He is a real cool cat, we had a great turkish lunch together and talked the biz. He just hatched his first ripper too, so big congrats to him for holding the eco vision in the UK and for also starting a family rooted in right livelihood (email Stu here for more

A few months back Paul tells me I got to talk to this guy in Cornwall at Tiger Glass Surfboards, he says that he is making these insane boards and he knows I would love them. Yea, I put it on my list of one hundred people that I want to call but never have the time. Months go by and I find myself in Europe meeting with our partners here and Paul reminds me again about Mark Roberts, eco-shaper-warrior-wood-working-wizard.

Mark was on the other side of the country, we exchange emails and decide to meet half way, four hours later we are shaking hands, exchanging stories, and telling each other about our eco dreams. He hands me an 6’8″ egg that he spent 60 hours shaping and i can’t take my eyes off the thing it’s so damn beautiful—I can’t wait to get it on the water. Thanks to Mark for creating such a beautiful board, we got video of him talking about his craft and we’ll share it as soon as we can edit the footage and post it.

Wave Tribe will be distributing his boards to a few lucky customers in the USA later this year and we are also talking about sponsoring an eco board making workshop, staring Mark in Costa Rica this winter. How does that sound, score some scrumptious waves, shape a beautiful board, and hang out with the Tribe? Yea baba!

Ok next we moved down to France to the area of Biarritz where I scored some great surf and meet some fantastic people. I was super stoked to meet Nadia who has opened a store right in the heart of it all. Nadia worked for Volcom for a few years and then had the dream to entrepreneurial with an eco vision and she opened the echo concept store.

It was really cool to walk down the street in Biarritz and gander at all the Wave Tribe artifacts having in the window of her shop. It’s people like Nadia that keep me stoked in this world and I feel so honored to be part of her journey. Oh yea, she is going to distribute Wave Tribe in the Netherlands too, how cool is that?

I jetted across the boarder to Spain and spent a few days with the Kun_tiqi Surfboards founder Stefan. The swell was jacking and he drove me to ‘the spot’ where I got to see some of Spain’s elite charging 12+ sets in front of this rock reef that would slice you up if you made a wrong move. It was all shifty and sickly, I looked down at my new parabolic fish and thought better of it—wisdom or fear, still not sure. But away, we had a great time and I did get some real fun waves at a more friendly locale.

Stefan is making balsa boards using all eco material, he is bringing the shapes over from Ecuador and finishing them ‘how you like the’ at his shop/workshop in Somo. So here is the plan, we are going to do an eco-education tour in his bad-ass Mercedes bus next summer and do a few workshops along the way—yea, that’s 2012. So as you all prepare for the end of the world we’ll be doing the real work of planting the seeds for a new future. Maybe that’s what those Mayans were predicting, not that something horrible was going to happen, but that something wonderful was going to be birthed, a new vision for our world. Think about it, it might be true!

I am testing all the new Wave Tribe Travel Gear on this trip, the eco trotter travel suitcase is really versatile and I can stuff tons of clothing and surf gear inside. What I also like about it is that when you get to your destination it folds up nice and small in your room, not like traditional suitcases that horde space.

The wheels and rear molding are withstanding those European handlers too, throwing that thing around like a football. I do think on the next generation we’ll make the top handle more sturdy, the current is holding up fine but I am always looking for way to improve our gear.

I have also been using the travel wallet (thanks to Livity for giving me the idea on this product), ipad case, and messenger bag daily on my trip, which I absolutely love. I created these products because they each serve a valuable function while traveling and, of course, they are made from high quality hemp. I keep all my valuables in the wallet, passport, phone, cash, ipod, camera, earphones—it is so nice to have everything in this portable wallet, small enough not to be burdened by a larger bag. There are times when I want to carry a bit more, and in those moments I throw the travel wallet into the messenger bag along with the ipad case and I pretty much got everything I ned for the day. I can fit a hat, scarf, water bottle, ipad, book, and travel wallet into the messenger bag and it all fits nicely with room to spare. The hemp construction is super sturdy and the YKK zippers are straight up awesome.

Well, I think that’s it for now. I got a few hours before my flight and I need to get this thing out to you before I depart. Oh, two more quick recommendations. I just finished Poke The Box by Seth Godin, which really is a great read and offers some wonderful insight into living a more creative life. My other suggestion is to watch the third Zeitgeist movie, which offers an education on our monetary system and also holds a vision for a different kind of future.

Ok, that’s all for now. Thank you for reading this email, I really appreciate your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Derek D., Wave Tribe Founder

PS. If you are in Portugal and want to surf, send me an email!
PPS. I almost forgot, I made my first animation about Wave Tribe. What do you think?

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