Being green is important to because I love the ocean and our beaches and don't know what I would do with out surfing.


Wave Tribe Welcomes Ambassadors Chloe and Jacob

Wave Tribe has been blessed with the new membership of two awesome surf players, Chloe Vetterli, from Santa Cruz CA, and Jacob Spilberg from Long Beach New York.

Chloe has become our youngest female eco rider and surfs all shapes, but feels the best on her 9plus. In exact alignment with our own visions surfing for Chloe is”more then a hobby, it’s more of a life style and obsession.

“Being green is important to because I love the ocean and our beaches and don’t know what I would do with out surfing.”

We are proud to get involved with the young generation which is growing up with a vision which holds surfing and sustainability as one!

Jacob Spilberg first involved with us by partnering up with Wave Tribe. He is the creator of Overture Bamboo Wax Combs, the most beautiful and sustainable combs out there.

Now he honors us by representing WT out in the water. But it’s not a big stretch for him, since he has living and walking the Wave Tribe mind set for many years now.

We feel privileged to have Jacob as our first representative in the East Coast


Derek Dodds

Derek Dodds is founder of the world's first ecological surf company Wave Tribe, surfboard shaper, world traveler, author and Mini Simmons enthusiast.

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