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Video: Was Henry Ford a Hippy?

Video: Was Henry Ford a Hippy?

Henry Ford

Take a little time to learn some history, American history.

America was built on hemp, way before the first doobie was lit by some flower child in the 60’s.

After watching this short documentary. you’ll realize that hemp prohibition has much more to do with economic interests than some fear of losing a nation to drugs.

The songs in the video are hilarious!

Peace from Paul, enjoy!

Grab some eco hemp gear here!


Video: Story of Electronics

Video: Story of Electronics

I just watched another video from the same makers of “story of stuff”.

Love it.

They put it so simple and clear and even though the reality they are showing us is horrible, we are left with a feeling that there is something we can do about it.

Watch it, and learn, then make a change in your life.

Do some more research. Your money talks!

If you want to see more, check out these links:



Human vs Jet Powered Surfing

I knew this was coming.

With technology advancing and the laziness of the culture seeping into our everyday reality (there are more obese Americans than ever before) the inevitability of jet powered surfboards was just a matter of time.

My friend now does all his exercise on his Wii, dude get a life and go outside!

It’s not just the ride that attracts me to surfing, it’s the entire experience of the paddle, the duck-diving, the wait between sets, the conversation with friends, the stillines that the ocean seems to pull out of you in all its grander and majesty.

Hell, there is even some joy in the hustle of putting on your wetsuit and walking out to the surf.

I went to Chicama, Peru, a few years ago and surfed that epic left on a solid swell.

The rip was so strong that you had to walk 30 minutes to the top of the point to get back in position for the take-off.

There were a bunch of guys using a boat to return to the main peak and though a part of me longed for the ease of their system there was something about that long walk and paddle into the impact zone that still is with me today, something that those boat surfers never got a chance to experience.

What’s next? Ipads in our surfboard decks, water-proof ipods (yea, they already exist) cell phones in the line-up? ‘Attention surfers, this is a cell phone free zone, all cell phone users please go to the red flagged area!’

Don’t even get me started on the toxicity of batteries. Use your arms dude!

Yea, I am sure it’s all on its way. Hopefully they’ll make a Wii with a built-in surfboard so all the kooks can just stay in their living-rooms and surf.

I’d rather paddle out old school style, wait for the sets, and talk to my friends in the line-up. How about you?

Exclusive Interview with Shaper Felipe Siebert

Exclusive Interview with Shaper Felipe Siebert

We were in Brazil and Felipe invited us to his house in Floripa—to see Felipe Sierbert’s surfboards up close was mind-blowing, his incredible surfboard workmanship is extraordinary and we instantly fell in love with his shapes.

While we were at his home we asked if we could interview him and learn more about his life and his take on ecology.

This is the first video in the series of interviews with Felipe Sierbert.


Surf Ambassador Mercedes Visit to Mavericks


Surf Ambassador Mercedes Visit to Mavericks

Wednesday night I took a flight from Oahu to San Francisco to surf Mavericks on Thursday and Friday.

That day I surfed in Sunset, Pinballs and towed in at Backyards so I was feeling already a little bit out of body at the airport. I flew all night and all morning on Thursday because I couldn’t get a direct flight and had to make a stop in Phoenix.
When I got to  Oakland  I called a few friends that surf Mavericks and they told me that  it was on.

The swell was filling in with a 19 second period and the wind was good.  They both told me that it wasn’t going to be a big afternoon, but a pretty heavy one  as they waves were going to come with much power and thickness. Suddenly all the tiredness disappeared and I got a rush of excitement and anxiety. I couldn’t wait to get to the beach.

My  friend Steve picked me up at the airport and we went to his place to drop my luggage and get my new surfboard. I got an amazing FCD Mavs gun that I couldn’t wait to try for the first time. In record time we had a fast lunch, got the board ready with fins, leash strings and new wax and drove to Half Moon Bay. I was so tired at that point from surfing the day before and all the flying that I decided I needed to save energy and talk  the least possible.

Imagine how hard that was for me! But breathing slow and trying to focus on my next session was what made the most sense at the moment.

We suited up in the parking lot and I felt the first snap of cold in my body.  Funny thing was how long it takes me to get ready with the wetsuit, gloves, booties.  We walked towards the ocean without checking the surf, as we had only one hour left before the sun would set.  The air was crisp and clean and far away we saw the first set breaking from the distance.

I decided that I wanted to just paddle out and see how I felt once I was there.

I could feel I was operating on a 20% of my energy instead of that 90 or 100% that one would wish to have to surf a place like Mavericks. But as soon as I got to the lineup and  saw the most beautiful glassy, clean, bowly waves breaking, all I could think was: I want one.

It was nice to see a few of my friends and many familiar faces in the crowd, it made it all more fun and gave me a sense of safety in a way.

I tried to find my spot in the lineup, and I was luck enough to get a beautiful wave that came to me. I actually dropped in on Ian, but I swear that it wasn’t on purpose. Once I was going I was going no matter what and I never even saw him coming  after I was at the bottom of the wave.

I was happy it was him because he is one of my friends and I knew he wasn’t going to get mad at me. The drop was steep and fast and  my board felt like knife cutting warm butter. It just felt right. Everything in life felt right at that moment. It was all just perfect. I went back to the lineup to try get one more before the dark came.

Next to me was Savannah, a Santa Cruz girl that charges Mavs. Suddenly the biggest set of the day approached us and everybody started to scratch to the horizon.  In the corner of my eye I saw Savannah paddling like crazy to get into the wave. I couldn’t believe she was going to do that, she seemed pretty deep and late.

She  got on her feet and dropped half way and then she ate it really bad. We were all worried for her, looking to see her pop out in one piece. She was lucky that there were no other big waves behind that one, because she would have got in serious trouble if there were. She made it back to the lineup with a big smile.  That was an inspiration to me right there.

The sun  was setting and I started feeling a little bit spooked about sharks. I just wanted to get back to the beach, even though the waves were really nice. I wished I had three more hours of light to keep surfing at that point.

The next day we went back to Mavs, hoping to find those waves or maybe bigger. The opposite happened: it was smaller and onshore. Not good at all.

I knew it wasn’t going to be the swell of swells that I was chasing. I just wanted to put some time in Mavericks on a manageable day.  It wasn’t anything epic but for me it was still worth it to make the trip. One good wave makes it all worth it. Also being in the lineup, adjusting to the paddle in and out and the different tides, it was all good learning for me in order to start feeling more comfortable with the place in general.

Mavericks is such a challenge in all senses.

The cold freezing water, the rocks, the steep take off, the fog, the sharks that surround the area, it’s all a little spooky. But the wave is so beautiful that it’s impossible to not want to surf it. Hopefully I can go back there soon and give it a try with more time.

Mercedes ♥