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The Ecology Taboo & GMO Pimps


We all know how we should replace oil with solar, wind and geothermal power.

We know that we should stop using disposable and non biodegradable products, that we should drive less, walk more. carpool, recycle, and donate to Greenpeace.

What nobody is telling us though, is that we are being forced to accept, without our consent or even awareness, a pollution which might have the biggest impact on us is what is happening in the barn yards of America.

Mr. GMO farmer is pimping your food.

What is hell are GMO’s anyway you are likely wondering?

GMOs are genetically modified organisms, mainly fruits and vegetables.

So check it, the result of a laboratory process of taking genes from one species and inserting them into another species, splicing and mixing DNA like a cook in a Chinese kitchen in Bangkok.

Genetically modified seeds are now dominating the world market, before having assessed the impact on the environment. These plants demand great amounts of synthetic (derived from oil) pesticides and fertilizers.

There are some BIG companys (ala big money) behind this whole mess.

Ever heard of Monsanto?

The reason why Monsanto and other genetically modifying companies claim their reasons are to make the GMO crops is to genetically modify them to be pest and insect resistant and to live in conditions that plants normally wouldn’t and couldn’t live in.

They inject the plant’s genome with pesticides and other DNA’s from different species of plants, insects and animals.

All of which ends up in our waterways, lands and in our mouths.

What is most notable, is that since these seeds are modified, they are claimed as private property, which mean food can no longer be grown for free.

Worst of all, these plants breed with the regular species, and so become “property” of the seed company.

I recently saw a film which talks about all of this, and I wanted to share it with all of our community.

We need to spread awareness in order to bring change.

Share it with your friends, send it to universities, change your habits when it comes to buying food.

Click here to watch the documentary

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