Do It For The Whales

Do It For The Whales


I hope everyone had a great summer! Wave Tribe is humming long and super stoked on all the great energy we are seeing get behind the brand. We even got a call from ESPN a few weeks ago and they gave us a stellar review on our Pioneer Surfboard Bag.

“Essentially, the production of this board is better for the land, the durability causes less waste, and its biodegradable nature is good for all of us.”

Read the complete review here: ESPN Wave Tribe Review


Wave Tribe is proud to welcome our new sales superstar Michelle Connelly to the team. Michelle is a surfer, mom, wife, business owner and now eco warrior rep that is REPRESENTING in San Diego.

Michelle says,

“I am passionate about in life, having a wonderful family, helping the environment, and surfing my brains out with good friends and good waves.”

Shoot her an email to see the line at michelle (at) if you own a shop and you would like to see Wave Tribe’s line. She will be servicing shops in SD and bringing the love!


We continue to add new ecological business partners to our family, now available on our website are the following:

Check out our new great gear from our partners and don’t forget all that Awesome Wave Tribe product too.


We’ve added a few shops to the eco friendly line-up. Support the cause and sign up today for some gear!

  • Arbor Santa Barbara
  • Ossie’s Surf Shop
  • Free to Ride
  • Essential Surf Company
  • Mollusk NY
  • Grain

We love these shops! Sign up to sell Wave Tribe today.


Suggested reading for all surfers and business owners, Let My People Go Surfing. If you haven’t read this, you’re missing on one of the great pioneers in ethical and eco business.


Does this guy rip or what? We are proud to announce that San Clemente ripper Don Stefano Esposito has joined our army of eco-riders. Wave Tribe riders are not just people who love surfing and rip, but peps that cherish the intimate relationship we as surfers have with the oceans and the environment, therefor lead their lives with gratitude and respect towards them.

“Everything started when I was young. As a kid we used to attend Surfrider sponsored clean-up days in Italy, going to beaches near Rome to clean up the mess left on the sand from tourists. I realize then that we could do so much more for the environment and we can make this planet a better place. With all the environmental disasters happening these days and talk about a bad economy it feels good to do something positive and put energy toward a local beach clean-up.”

Big shout out to Wave Tribe Team Rider Mercedes Maidana for organizing a beach clean-up in Puerto Escondido. Mercedes got the local kids involved in cleaning up the their beach and they had a talk about what it means to care for the environment. Changing lives! In her own words,

“When I met the Junior Lifeguards I was surprised to see how eager they were to clean up the beach. We had a little talk before we started.  I explained them how all the plastic harms the beach and the animals, and how we could start making a difference in small ways.  I asked them how would they feel if their beach was so polluted that one day that they could not go to swim or surf there anymore.  They shared how much the ocean is a part of their lives.”

Also, read this great story of our sales superstar Paul surfing with whales in Brazil.

“It’s so amazing to see these majestic animals from so close, especially when you are inside the water, and you only have a laminated foam block under you.”

This is what it is all about folks, if you don’t change for yourself, change for the whales!

Peace, Love, Respect.

Derek D, Wave Tribe Founder

P.S. We love this video by wave tribe eco artist SOUL MAJESTIC, it talks about making it a better world, we totally agree!

P.P.S. You are loved!

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